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BUILT BY CHILL’s latest refrigerated truck body to assist a key essential service player in the Health industry during COVID-19.

Mediport has spent 12 years developing a national presence in the healthcare field supporting state-based vaccine programs, product manufacturers, wholesalers and 3PL providers.

Recently, Mediport approached Built by Chill to assist in expanding the range of services with new trucks to allow for pallet deliveries of temperature-controlled products. Being in the medical industry, it is imperative to have specialist vehicles equipped with industry-leading technology and refrigeration systems.

This vehicle boasts a state of the art Mitsubishi TE 30 refrigeration system. Combining all electric drive with environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, the TE 30 will reduce particulate air pollution and CO2 emissions. All in all this vehicle provides the perfect solution for urban distribution with its remarkably quiet operation.

Whether it be a Ute body to a 14 pallet truck body, BUILT BY CHILL has the industry knowledge and experience to make them a top tier choice for your next truck build.

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